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Deciding to Call

The decision to come to therapy is a courageous one. People enter counseling for various reasons: Improving one's well being; Creating better relationships with one's partner, family, friends, co-workers; Grieving the loss of a loved-one; Depression; Understanding & changing unhealthy behaviors; Anger management; Sexual and gender identity confusion; Drug/Alcohol abuse addiction; and Sexual concerns.

Many people delay therapy because they are afraid they will be judged or blamed for the current difficulty. Neither of these is the goal of the therapist. Both people are in the relationship and both are responsible for the relationship’s survival.

Another reason people avoid therapy is the stigma attached to coming to counseling. However, keep in mind, that just like our physical health our mental and relationship health sometimes needs assistance. It is unfortunate that this stigma exists, since addressing issues is actually a sign of courage and strength and not weakness.

What to expect

Respect & Understanding: Therapy may be scary for some because they do not know what to expect. On the first visit, clients will be asked to fill out paperwork. The paperwork consists of a client information sheet and the informed consent. The informed consent is a detailed explanation of the therapist's skills and limitations. In addition, it provides the client with his/her rights. During a counseling session, the therapist and client discuss the concerns and begin to set goals. The goal of the therapist is to respect each client and help each to feel heard and understood.

Confidentiality: Every client can expect that what is said in the therapy room stays in the therapy room. There are three exceptions to this: if the client states that s/he will hurt her/himself; if the client is going to hurt someone else; or if the therapist suspects client abuse. In all cases the therapist will discuss the situation with the client.

Choices: Once you have decided to come to therapy, one of the most important aspects to remember is that you have choices. This is your therapy and your life. The therapist will not make decisions for you, but assist you in determining what is the best decision for you. Therefore it is vital that you feel comfortable with the therapist! If you do not, you have the right to leave. The therapist client relationship is based on trust. If you don’t feel comfortable with the therapist you will not be able to share what is necessary and ultimately therapy may not be a positive experience.

Couples Counseling Center, Buffalo, NY

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