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Types of Therapy

There are various types of therapy available at our Couple and Relationship Therapy Practice. The type you decide to pursue is dependent upon your needs.

Individual Therapy: Mental health and well being are just as important as physical health. Many people turn to friends when they are in need of another opinion or to share ideas... read more

Couples Therapy: All couples experience stress and difficulty in their relationships. Few of us are given the education about how to create a successful relationship... read more

Marriage Therapy: All marriages experience stress and difficulty on some level. Few of us are given the education about how to create a successful marriage... read more

Family Therapy: Parenting is a challenging and important job. Yet few ever receive training for it. Family therapy assists parents in coping with the challenges of raising children... read more

Child & Adolescent-Teen: There are many challenges and pressures that children and teenagers face every day at home, school, and online from peers and other family members. This can seem pretty overwhelming at times. Our trained therapists have worked in the education field as counselors, teachers, and/or school administrators... read more

Drug & Alcohol Therapy: Acknowledging that drugs and alcohol impact a person’s life is a difficult and courageous admission. Our expert therapists are certified drug and alcohol counselors with years of experience.... read more

Transgender Therapy: Quality therapy is a critical resource for anyone who is questioning their gender identity or undergoing gender transition. Transgender, gender questioning, and gender variant people as well as their spouses, family, children, friends and co-workers often experience a great deal of emotional stress associated with gender dysphoria. Understanding this, we are pleased to provide the types of therapies needed to help individuals, couples, and families navigate the difficult issues associated with all aspects of transgender care. In addition, we have on staff a therapist who is transgender herself and understands the pertinent issues first hand.... read more

Sex Therapy: It is estimated that approximately 60% of couples will experience some sort of sexual difficulty in their relationship. When this happens the couple or person may seek assistance from a sex therapist... read more

DWI Clinical Screening and Assessment: We provide DWI Clinical Screening and Assessment in a private and confidential setting. Our provider, Marie L. Bage, CASAC, LMHC is New York State OASAS approved. Please call for more details or to set-up an appointment at 716-331-7343... read more

Couples Counseling Center, Buffalo, NY

Types of Therapy

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Marriage Therapy

Family Therapy

Child & Adolescent-Teen Therapy

Drug & Alcohol Therapy

Transgender Therapy

Sex Therapy

DWI Clinical Screening and Assessment


For an Appointment:

Simply send us an email at or call us at 716-912-6339.

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Payment Options:

We accept payment in the form of cash or check at the time of your appointment, or credit card via PayPal 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

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