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1) Staying Sane while Planning your Wedding:

***September 28th, 2015*** (Flyer/Registration Form)

***October 24th, 2015*** (Flyer/Registration Form)


2) Awesome Communication (Couple/Family):

***October 5th, 2015*** (Flyer/Registration Form)

***November 14th, 2015*** (Flyer/Registration Form)


Why Workshops?

Workshops may be an option for people who are looking for education and information about various topics. The sessions are designed to present a thorough amount information in a brief amount of time. Most workshops are a day or two long and are open to individuals and/or couples, whether they are currently involved in therapy or not. Workshops are not beneficial for all people. If you are experiencing a crisis, workshops would not be recommended. If a couple or individual needs more intensive interactions after a workshop, the speaker may suggest various follow-up therapy options.

Workshops are offered throughout the year and prices vary depending on the topic chosen.

In addition to the two workshops offered above, additional topics are:

Improve Communication: Whether a person is in a professional or personal situation, s/he is constantly communicating with others. The question is whether the communication is happening effectively. This workshop teaches basic communication skills and tools to use when the message is not being interpreted properly. This is available for both couples and individuals.

Parenting Lucille Ball Style: Believe it or not parenting & disciplining can be fun. Lucy was infamous for not only getting in trouble but having a great time doing it. The same can be said for disciplining your children. Most parents struggle because they are doing all they know how and feel exhausted and hopeless. This workshop assists to rejuvenate parents and help them in finding their inner Lucy when disciplining and rewarding their children.

Talking to Your Kids about Sex: This may be one of the most embarrassing moments for both parents and children, however it is one of the most important responsibilities of parents. Some important facts about adolescent sexual behavior are:

  • The average age of girls' first intercourse is 16.4 and the average age of boys' first intercourse is 16.2
  • The US has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the civilized world
  • Teenagers are the fastest growing population contracting sexually transmitted infections.

Part of this trend is the lack of accurate information pre-teens and teens are receiving. This workshop provides parents with different techniques and approaches to addressing this important issue with their children.

Enhance Your Sex Life: If sex has become predictable or feels more like a chore then a pleasurable experience you may want to consider this workshop. A variety of different techniques and communication tools will be presented. It is available for both couples and individuals

Coping with Chronic Illness: Attitude is one of the greatest factors in a person’s recovery and/or coping with an illness. People with chronic illnesses, as well as their partners, are constantly being challenged. This workshop offers techniques to relax, regain control and find the positives of each day.

Understanding and Enhancing Your Relationships: This workshop assists individuals and couples in understanding the dynamics and patterns of all human interactions. The goal is for each participant to define the type of relationship s/he would like and some various approaches to acquiring the relationship.

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1) Staying Sane/Wedding:

September 28th, 2015


October 24th, 2015



2) Awesome Communication:

October 5th, 2015


November 14th, 2015

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