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Transgender Therapy

Quality therapy is a critical resource for anyone who is questioning their gender identity or undergoing gender transition. Transgender, gender questioning, and gender variant people as well as their spouses, family, children, friends and co-workers often experience a great deal of emotional stress associated with gender dysphoria. Understanding this, we are pleased to provide the types of therapies needed to help individuals, couples, and families navigate the difficult issues associated with all aspects of transgender care. In addition, we have on staff a therapist who is transgender herself and understands the pertinent issues first hand.

Transgender therapy can include, but is not limited to:

Gender identify questioning/ Gender dysporia: Some people need help exploring questions they may have around their gender identity and what actions they may want to take, the ramifications involved, and how to explore these questions while best preserving their mental and emotional well-being.

Gender transition: The transition process can be difficult to navigate even with clear guidelines established by the World Professional Association of Transgender Health. Therapy around transition may include support and guidance through all aspects of the process, identification of resources and further help.

Marriage counseling: As many individuals are married as they begin questioning their gender identity or start to transition, this can present a great deal of stress for both partners. We are of the opinion that the effects on the relationship are often neglected and therefore offer a focus on helping couples navigate feelings of loss or betrayal and seek the best possible outcome for the relationship whether the couple decides to remain together or separate. The focus for this type of therapy is helping each partner understand what each other is going through and seek the best ways to provide support to each other and process the changes that are occurring within the relationship.

Family counseling: As with marriages, emotional stress can also occur in relationships with parents, children, siblings, and anyone else closely associated with the questioning or transitioning individual. Family counseling may include therapy between individuals, the entire family unit that chooses to participate, or even with families or individuals without the gender questioning person present. This type of therapy provides an opportunity for all to gain an understanding of and process the changes that may be occurring in the family.

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